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In an exciting episode of Austin and Monica’s podcast, the dynamic duo dives into becoming a creative digital nomad. They cover the essential role of creativity in business growth and problem-solving. As digital nomads, they believe that everyone is creative in their unique ways, debunking the myth that creativity is an exclusive club for artists. […]

September 13, 2023


58. Becoming a Creative Digital Nomad

Austin and Monica | Becoming a Digital Nomad

Listen to the episode here! This episode was originally released March 5th, 2022. Sarah: Hello, and welcome back to the Marshall Arts and Crafts Podcast. I’m Sarah Deacon. I’m your host. And today I have guests with me, two guests at once, which I haven’t done before. Austin and Monica Mangelson are graphic designers and […]

July 17, 2022


Martial Arts and Crafts with Sarah Deacon

Martial Arts and Crafts | A&M Digital Design

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