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This is the 2nd part of our mastering your mindset episode, so make sure you go listen to part 1!  Changing your mindset doesn’t happen all at once. It requires time and continual effort to change our brains. But it is possible. How??  Our biggest tip for you is to find and hold onto your […]

November 30, 2022


11. Mastering Your Mindset and Overcoming Obstacles Pt. 2


What is a mindset, and why is mastering your mindset so important? A mindset is a mental attitude that shapes your thoughts, actions, and responses. It’s important you spend time developing a mindset that will serve you, and not one you have to fight against.  Among others, there are 3 general mindsets we like to […]

November 23, 2022


10. Mastering Your Mindset and Overcoming Obstacles Pt. 1

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