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Austin and Monica

Meet your website Tour Guides!

We’re college sweethearts who built a design business centered around helping retreat hosts find the confidence to show up authentically through strategic branding and websites.

There is something magical about building a brand. Once you have a brand and a website that represents your business correctly, nothing can stop you. That’s why we are here. We love watching retreat hosts and travelpreneurs bask in the newfound confidence their brand and website provides.

We always joke that we are hard to keep track of because when we aren’t designing we are traveling the world in constant search of adventure, good food, and new friends.

hey guys! 

We met in college and started dating.


Best day ever!

We said "I do!" 


Got jobs in the Peace Corps assigned to Mozambique Africa.


This is the day we told everyone we had joined the Peace Corps

Covid shut down the Peace Corps right before we left. Suddenly we found ourselves jobless and homeless. (oh… and we graduated college I guess)


Aren 't we cute in our matching uniforms??

Quit our day jobs and became virtual assistants so we could travel the world.


hard not to be inspired with views like these!

Officially launched A&M Digital Design from our bungalow in Guatemala. 

Nov. 2021

Rebranded Austin and Monica into the business you know and love today!


Joined your fan club!


Our Business Journey

a strategically designed brand

but guess what ? ? ?

Our business journey has been a messy one. We have tried every trick in the book to overcome feeling inadequate, and there is one thing we have found that always works:  

 Getting clear on our messaging, brand goals and visual appeal has done wonders to help us show up authentically and create a business we love.

Checking out my website… I AM IN LOVE! Like, I’ve been feeling a little down on myself and super bad impostor syndrome lately, and this just reminded me of that excitement and passion again!

San Diego Strings

katie s.

It hasn’t just worked for us. Check out what our clients have to say:

Austin and Monica helped me create a web page and design for a dream I've had for years but haven't known how to actually start. Beautiful color pallets and logos were created which gave life to my dream. Looking forward to making this dream a reality. 

Hidden Haven

Pam M.

Work with A&M Digital design they go beyond the assigned tasks by offering insight and helpful information!

kr occasions 

Kayce D. 

I’m glad I have Austin and Monica to help me get started. In our consultations, they explained in a plain and coherent way exactly how they are going to help and grasped quickly my vision for my business.

OCD Detailing

Noah M.

Ready to stop feeling inadequate?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I'm a leftie! 

​​​​​​​I am an introvert. I am social and friendly, but definitely need my alone time to recharge (personality type INJF)​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​I’ve been deemed a β€œhobby dabbler”. I’m always trying out some new hobby or passtime.

​​​​​​​​I've never worked a traditional 9-5. 

I HATE spiders. They're icky... but my brother hates them even more so my family bothers him about it and leaves me alone. ​​​​​​​​


I live for a good farmer’s market.

Cooking is my go-to destresser. I am a total foodie at heart.

Frequent camping trips are a must.

If you are looking for me, you will probably find me in the sunshine.

I have a BA in International Relations, I thrive on learning about new cultures, traditions, and people. 

Oh the places we've been!

Wanna work together?