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Traveling the world freely with your loved one by your side…making memories…that’s the dream life, right?

We're experiencing just that. We're a digital nomad couple with a thriving online business. Along the way, we've learned a lot, laughed a lot, and made a lot of mistakes. But our unconventional life path has taught us to appreciate the beauty in everyday moments. We love being location independent and believe that you too can live a life full of adventure.

Each week, we share practical tips and tricks for growing and scaling an online business, connecting deeper with your partner, and finding the courage to do it all while traveling to your dream destinations. Tune in to our podcast!

The Profitable Nomad Couple Podcast

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How this couple bootstrapped their business

We LOVED this podcast episode on the Frugalpreneur podcast where we share how we started and run our business on a budget! Many entrepreneurs don’t have a ton of money when beginning. That was definitely the case with us, but we found some great ways to make it work, including using free software, opting in […]


This is the 2nd part of our mastermind episode, so make sure you go listen to part 1!  Changing your mindset doesn’t happen all at once. It requires time and continual effort to change our brains. But it is possible. How??  Our biggest tip for you is to find and hold onto your WHY. Your […]

woman practicing yoga

What is a mindset, and why is it so important you work on yours? A mindset is a mental attitude that shapes your thoughts, actions, and responses. Because it affects everything we do, it’s important you spend time developing a mindset that will serve you, and not one you have to fight against.  Among others, […]

man and woman together on ipad

Working together in business with your partner can have its challenges… but it has even more rewards!  This week we talk about fitting both personalities of your relationship into your business. Because there are two of you, you can experience what’s known as the “edge effect”. Just like in ecology, where 2 ecosystems colliding create […]

man and woman in front of lake

Most people say they want to travel more…. Someday.  Here’s the thing, that day will never come unless you make it come. Traveling is always going to be inconvenient. There will be no perfect time to take the leap and start your travels. In this episode, we are going to talk about the secrets to […]

woman walking alone down the road

Loneliness is something that eventually catches up with all digital nomads. No matter how cool the new place you are in is, or how fabulous the food is, at some point all of us feel lonely.  While unpleasant, loneliness isn’t all bad. It’s a symptom of how much you care. If you had no one […]

man and woman working together in living room

“You guys work together?! Isn’t that hard?” the question we’ve heard a million times when we tell people that we run a business together. We inwardly smile because we know exactly where this is headed. “Actually no, we love it!” we respond. “I could NEVER run a business with my partner! We’d kill each other.” […]

woman working at table

This episode is all about finding success as a digital nomad wherever you may find yourself.  Digital nomads move a lot. That’s what makes us us. But acclimating to a new city and environment can be challenging. Listen in as we give some tactics on how to make the adjustment to your new space, and […]

couple traveling taking a selfie

Let’s talk about the differences between solo travel and traveling together as a couple.  We were both introduced to the world of travel through our solo travels right after high school. Though solo travel affected us both in different ways, we both have been forever changed by our experiences.  In this episode, we are going […]

woman running her business as a table

There are a lot of ways to earn money online as a digital nomad! Two popular options include remote work and running your own business. We’ve experienced both, and in this podcast episode, we dive into the pros and cons of each of these options to help you decide if one of these could be […]

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