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Welcome to the Profitable Nomad Couple podcast, hosted by certified life-purpose coaches and full time digital nomads, Austin and Monica. We're here to guide you as you break free from the conventional and design a life that's all about freedom, adventure, and fulfillment.

Our mission is to help you become the creator of your life, and not just the manager of your circumstances.

Join us as we dive into a variety of topics, including travel and culture, entrepreneurship, mindset and personal development, and the art of creating a life that's authentically yours. No more conforming to old paradigms – we're here to help you thrive in a location-independent lifestyle.

In this show, we pull the curtain back on our digital nomad lifestyle and online business, and give you everything you need to live your best life as well! 

The Profitable Nomad Couple Podcast

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Remote Job Hunt | Resume | Austin and Monica

In a world where remote work is rapidly becoming the norm, the ability to navigate the remote job hunt is more important than ever. The conventional approach to job hunting—meticulously ticking off every requirement in a job description—is becoming outdated. In our latest podcast episode we delve into how to craft a winning application and […]

Digital Nomad Visas | Austin and Monica

When it comes to being nomadic, the thrill and freedom of remote work can often be overshadowed by the complexity navigating visa regulations. This is where our latest podcast episode, featuring your hosts Austin and Monica, comes into play. It’s designed to transform the confusing world of visas into an easy-to-understand guide for the digital […]

Rewrite your life story | Austin and Monica

When Monica and Austin’s Peace Corps mission was abruptly canceled due to COVID-19, they found themselves at a crossroads. They were faced with the daunting task of redefining their path. Their story, told on the Rewrite Your Life Story podcast, serves as an emblem of resilience and adaptability in the face of unforeseen challenges. The […]

Books aren't written, they're rewritten | Austin and Monica

Starting a business is a journey filled with triumphs and setbacks. It’s a journey where the destination is not a place but a continual process of growth and evolution. This concept is at the heart of our latest podcast episode. Our conversation sheds light on the truth behind starting a business. We’re exploring the quote […]

mistakes we've made in business | Austin and Monica

Starting an online business can be an exhilarating yet daunting adventure. As digital nomads, we’ve been where you are. We’ve experienced both the highs of success and the lows of missteps. In this episode, we unpack the lessons learned from our journey. We’re sharing eight critical mistakes we’ve made in our business along the way. […]

Make Money Online as a Digital Nomad | Austin and Monica

The allure of the digital nomad lifestyle continues to draw people in. In this episode, we provide an invaluable roadmap for anyone eager to merge their passions with the freedom of remote work. The conversation delves deep into the heart of digital nomadism. The world is rich with opportunities for those willing to embrace an […]

Savvy Talks Interview | Austin and Monica

Embarking on a digital nomad journey is an aspiration many harbor but few dare to actualize. Having gone on this journey ourselves, we’re here to share our story! We’ve transitioned from conventional paths and carved out a purpose-driven, nomadic business. This latest episode is a Savvy Talks interview with Kris Marie Dano. It offers a […]

Profitable Nomad Couple | Austin and Monica

Our recent podcast episode is a riveting narrative of individuals who have successfully navigated the rough terrains of online business. They reveal a wealth of knowledge that could serve as a beacon for anyone daring to follow in their footsteps. This episode is a collection of business wisdom from online entrepreneurs across the internet! Nuggets […]

Profitable Nomad Couple | Austin and Monica

Books can be a treasure trove of wisdom, especially when it comes to personal and business growth. In this enlightening podcast episode, we share our favorite business and personal growth books! We explore a variety of transformative books that have significantly impacted our perspective on business, personal development, and the wealth mindset. These books provide […]

Profitable Nomad Couple | Austin and Monica

Travel and language learning are two intertwining threads that weave an enchanting tapestry of cultural exploration. Our latest podcast episode delves into this fascinating intersection, exploring the transformative power of language acquisition on travel experiences. Our guest, David, an English teacher and language enthusiast, shares his journey from a small English town to traveling the […]

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