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Traveling the world freely with your loved one by your sideā€¦making memoriesā€¦thatā€™s the dream life, right?

We're experiencing just that. We're a digital nomad couple with a thriving online business. Along the way, we've learned a lot, laughed a lot, and made a lot of mistakes. But our unconventional life path has taught us to appreciate the beauty in everyday moments. We love being location independent and believe that you too can live a life full of adventure.

Each week, we share practical tips and tricks for growing and scaling an online business, connecting deeper with your partner, and finding the courage to do it all while traveling to your dream destinations. Tune in to our podcast!

The Profitable Nomad Couple Podcast

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Digital Nomad Mom | Lulu

Join us for a captivating conversation with Lulu, a digital nomad mom who has been traveling the world with her family since 2019. In this episode, we delve into the logistics of traveling with children, the challenges of picking up and moving abroad, and the best parts of exploring the world as a family. Lulu […]

Nomadic Journey Kickstarter | David | Austin and Monica

In this Nomadic Journey Kickstarter episode, we’re joined by our new friend, David. David shares his story of transitioning from a corporate job to freelancing in order to pursue his dream of traveling and becoming a digital nomad.Ā  Originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, David is now living in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has over 8 years […]

How to Retain and Find Clients as a Digital Nomad | Austin and Monica

One of the biggest problems with working online is implementing the right strategies for finding and retaining clients. This can be a source of major anxiety for travelers since their income depends on having clients. Add to the fact that digital nomads are always on the move, it can seem near impossible to create consistent […]

Coaching Episode with Redante | Nomadic Journey Kickstarter | Austin and Monica

During our Nomadic Journey Kickstarter with Redante, we delved deep into his concerns about his online business. As a web and digital consultant and freelance writer, Redante has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the online world. We explored the reasons behind his concerns and discovered that Redante is facing a crossroads in his […]

Digital Nomad Money Making Roadmap | Austin and Monica

IT’S FINALLY TIME! šŸ„³ We’ve been working on the 6-Week Digital Nomad Money-Making Roadmap for what feels like forever!Ā  When we started our digital nomad journey, there were so many unknowns. We were at an all-time low mentally, physically, and emotionally. We quit our jobs cold turkey and were determined to make this work. After […]

Medical Insurance for Digital Nomads | Austin and Monica

Are you considering a life as a digital nomad, but feeling apprehensive about the lack of insurance and security? Itā€™s understandable to feel overwhelmed ā€“ you are about to embark on a journey with a lot of unknowns. However, with the right insurance plan, you can be sure that if something happens to you while […]

How to Make Money Online as a Digital Nomad | Austin and Monica

Are you a digital nomad looking to make money online? Perhaps you’ve asked yourself these questions before: With the rise of the gig economy, there are more opportunities than ever before to make a living while living the nomadic lifestyle. Whether you want to be a remote worker, freelancer, or entrepreneur, there is a job […]

Journey of a Digital Nomad | Austin and Monica

Welcome to the digital nomad journey! In this episode, we’ll be exploring the various phases of the journey, from daydreaming about traveling and starting a business to succeeding and finding happiness on the road. The digital nomad journey is a unique and exciting path that combines travel and work. It is a transformative experience that […]

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and experience personal and professional growth like never before?Ā  This episode is a must-listen for anyone who’s interested in traveling or starting a business and is looking for practical tips and strategies for personal growth and success. In this episode, we’ll explore the benefits of […]

In this episode, we explore the importance of taking imperfect action in achieving your goals. We all have ambitions and aspirations, but often find ourselves held back by fear and the belief that we must achieve perfection. However, the reality is thatĀ taking imperfect action is better than taking no action at all. We discuss how […]

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